What happens when a rentalbike damages during the rentalperiod?

Although not necessarily your fault, you are liable for all damage that occurs to the rented bike, except damage caused by natural wear. 
Treat your rentabike as if it is yours.

How can I extend the 24 hrs rental period from my rentabike?

Just keep cycling! You pay your rent on return, so you can keep the rentabike until you are done with it, unless you have decided to extend for 
longer than a week. By the way: longterm renters get a better deal.

Can I return my rentabike earlier dan agreed?

Of course you can. You just pay for the hours or days that you rented it, unless you agreed a fixed deal for a certain period.

Can I ride the rentabike in Amsterdam with 2 persons?

No, we don’t allow 2 persons on a rentalbike: you will demolish it when you use it with 2 persons. We do allow children with a maximum 
weight of 25 kg on a bike, when seated in a child’s seat.

Are rentalbikes equipped with illumination?

Yes, all our bikes have lights, front and rear. Before take off, please check if you do understand how to operate them.

Is there a possibility to drop off the rentalbikes at another location?

You can drop your rented bike at one of our 2 shops. See location for the adresses of our shops. We do organize a delivery / pick up service for groups sometimes, on request.

Theft insurance

What if a bike gets stolen?

When your rental bike gets stolen, you are liable for the damage. When you lock your bike properly it is very unlikely it will get stolen.

How does theft insurance work?

All prices including theft of insurance.

When you get rid of the bicycle, you are obliged to let make up a warrant at a police office.
You lose your guarantor of € 50,- + the replacement value of the lock & the replacement value of baskets.
When you cannot show the keys, then you must compensate for the replacement value of the bicycle + lock.


Where can I park my bike?

The benefit of a bicycle is that you can park it almost everywhere. Preferably in a bikerack if you can find one available – otherwise to the railing of a bridge. Anyhow, always to a fixed structure. Make sure you never obstruct other traffic nor emergency exits, never park close to parked cars. At Central Station you are obliged to use a bikerack, bikes parked outside risk to get removed by the sanitary police! If in doubt, make use of the bikeshed there (“Fietsenstalling”) at € 1,10 per day.

Cycling is fun, efficient, easy and safe if you watch out for all other traffic at all times and follow a few rules. Traffic regulations in the Netherlands and, more importantly, motorists themselves, take cyclists into account and accidents are rare.
When available, use the brown/red bicycle lanes and tracks on the right-hand side of the road, marked out by white lines and a bike symbol.

Where can you ride your bike?

Always keep right so faster bikers can pass you.
Never cycle on footpaths/pavements/sidewalks, pedestrian precincts or motorways.
Dam Square, the Flower market, Leidseplein/Leidsestraat, Rembrandtplein, Waterlooplein and Stationsplein in front of Central 

Station are cycle-free areas.


Cycling in traffic

Always give-way to all traffic from the right, including taxis, trams and buses, unless otherwise indicated. This also means that traffic coming from your left should give way to you but… this shouldn’t be taken for granted!

Ride in a straight line. Before changing direction: look over your shoulder and check if the road is clear behind you. If it is, indicate by stretching out your arm in the direction you want to go.

If the road is busy, get off at the curb and walk across the road.
Never stop (suddenly), always pull out of the traffic first.
Turn on your front and rear lights after dusk.
Your bell is not a toy! Only use it to alert other road users.
Stop at red bike signals (traffic lights).
Note that bike signals are located on the posts directly in front of you, not the other side of the road!
In some cases you can request a green light by pushing the button on the pole.
Always obey a red light and follow instructions given by the police. Not doing so could result in a € 50,- fine.
Watch out that your wheels don’t get stuck in tram rails – cross them at a sharp angle. 

Don’t behave like so many people hurrying through Amsterdam, by not giving way, charging through red lights or cycling through pedestrian areas.
 Stay alert and watch out for other traffic!


Parking your bike


Never leave your bike unlocked, even if you get off it for only a few seconds.

Always lock your bike to something fixed, preferably a bike rack.

Always use the two locks: one through the back wheel and one
 around the frame through the front wheel.

Don’t park your bike in front of Central Station or in Dam Square.

Don’t leave anything behind on your bicycle.

If you have rented more than one bike, always use ALL the locks provided.


Alcohol & Drugs

It is illegal to cycle under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

It’s also safer for you – and for fellow road users.

Enjoy our city, but know your limits and don’t let a nice day end in a hospital.


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